Asbestos is a dangerous substance that occurs naturally in many areas. Asbestos was used in homes and businesses during construction and in a variety of manufactured products.

Asbestos abatement is a tedious process. It should only be done by a qualified professional who is trained and certified to work with the sealing, covering and removal of asbestos.  

What is Asbestos and Why is it Dangerous? 

Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance in many areas of the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) explains that the term asbestos describes “a group of silicate minerals that occur as asbestiform fibers.” Abestos occurs naturally in Southern California, making it easily accessible for use in homes, businesses and schools. It was used for insulation, as a fire retardant, in tiles, ceilings, pipes coated with asbestos, walls, floors and in other areas.   

The EPA, the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other agencies have deemed asbestos to be a human carcinogen. A person who develops a disease from asbestos exposure may develop mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, which is a progressive, but non-cancerous lung disease, or other diseases.  

Asbestos Removal: What is it and the Process for Abatement 

Homeowners and business owners should never disturb any products, surfaces or substances that they know have asbestos in them. A person who is a home owner or business owner who does not have proper certification should never attempt to examine, cover, or remove asbestos or any surface or product that they believe may have asbestos. You cannot identify asbestos just by looking at it unless it is clearly labeled as containing asbestos.  

Asbestos abatement must follow specific guidelines, as expressed by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Asbestos is an airborne hazard, so the removal of asbestos must follow the federal and state-specific rules and regulations regarding the proper means of handling, labeling and packaging asbestos.  

Asbestos must be contained and transported in sealed, leak-tight, containers that are non-returnable, from which the asbestos fibers cannot escape. Asbestos abatement professionals wet substances containing asbestos bulk waste to prevent fibers from blowing around when the substances will not fit into a proper container. It is important to note that the DTSC indicates that wetting asbestos waste “ does not constitute treatment.”

No person should wet asbestos-containing substances and assume that it constitutes abatement and that the area is safe. Leave a professional job to the professionals. Contact an asbestos abatement company that has years of experience. The Sensitive Environmental Inc. professionals have years of experience in asbestos abatement and remediation. 

There may be additional packaging requirements for your region which a highly-qualified abatement professional will know about and can perform safely, in accordance with rules and regulations. 

Asbestos Removal in Southern California 

Asbestos removal in Southern California should not be performed by an individual who is not OSHA certified and CAC certified to perform actions that include the removal of asbestos. Hiring a contractor who is properly licensed and certified in asbestos abatement is the best and the safest way to avoid exposure to asbestos fibers yourself, and the best way to protect your family and community from dangerous airborne substances.  

The Contractors State License Board indicates that an asbestos contractor who performs asbestos abatement, including the containment, encapsulation, or removal, and the disposal of asbestos must perform that work in accordance with the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) of the Department of Industrial Relations.  

There are specific requirements for the transport of asbestos as hazardous waste. It is important to note that many of the household hazardous waste facilities do not accept asbestos products. Asbestos must not be mixed with another hazardous waste product in the same container. The container must also have the required shipping name and identification number if it is 110 gallons or less capacity. 

Why Choose Sensitive Environmental? 

Sensitive Environmental Inc. professionals have the experience and the expertise that is required for proper asbestos abatement and for asbestos removal in Southern California. The company is dedicated to performing abatement and remediation services that focus on ensuring a safer environment.  

All field agents are required to undergo the completion of rigorous, comprehensive certification programs. The result is that our agents are fully qualified to handle hazardous materials that may be in your home or business.  

The company is OSHA certified. The owner is CAC certified. Clients learn how to turn their stressful and potentially dangerous situation into a positive situation when they rely on us for abatement and removal of asbestos. Contact our Southern California environmental services today.