Asbestos is a group of minerals occurring naturally that resist heat and corrosion. Its resistance to heat, electricity, sound, and fire is what makes them integral to being used as construction materials. It is found in products, including floor tiles, insulation pipes, building materials, clutches, car brakes, etc. Asbestos is not a serious problem as its meager occurrence is not hazardous. The danger is the minerals, over time, may become dented, releasing asbestos fibers which becomes a health hazard.

Asbestos and Your Health

Asbestos can affect your health. When you breathe high quantities of the chemical, it increases the risk of getting:

  • Mesothelioma is a cancer that infects the chest lining and the abdominal cavity.
  • Asbestosis, whereby the fibrous tissue scars the lung

The risk of effects on your health increases with the quantity of fibers breathed in. Over a longer period of inhaling asbestos, the risk is even higher. The effect on your health will be felt 20 to 30 years later after the first exposure.

In small quantities, the chemical is not a health hazard. However, it is the fibers released into the lungs and staying there for a long time that is the cause for alarm. The risk of health problems is from asbestos that grinds easily when handled, one that has been sanded into a powder, or scraped.

Asbestos Occurrence

The chemical compound is a popular additive in most building materials, consumer products, and automotive parts. For example, asbestos can be found in plumbing fixtures, plaster putts, roof shingles and siding, conduit duct coverings, pipes, fireplaces, vinyl floor tiles, whatnot, and thermal boilers.

Frequently used products where the chemicals are found include adhesives, concrete, floor tiles, cement, and roofing tiles.

The Need For Asbestos Removal In Los Angeles

Asbestos is not a health risk as long as it is left undisturbed. It is a threat once the material corrodes or crumbles, accumulating over time, as it spreads into the air. If you are living in Los Angeles and you have a structure displaying cracks or signs that repair is needed, you should contact us about asbestos removal in Los Angeles.

We have a dedicated team of asbestos inspection and removal experts who will come to inspect and decide what’s the best method to use in removing asbestos.

Look for signs of wear and tear, including water damage, as they are an indication you need asbestos removal service. If material is often disturbed by rubbing, hitting, handling, or experiences extreme vibration. That’s an indication you need to seek removal services to repair and clean up the area or structure around it.

Asbestos Removal Experts In Los Angeles—Who They Are And What They Do

Experts in the removal of asbestos are trained in handling and removal of the material. The method to be used for removal will depend on the kind of product and the best way for the process to be done. We have professionally trained asbestos experts to handle any specific product or structure containing asbestos.

We start the process by carrying out a thorough inspection, taking samples of the material, assessing the product or structure condition, and coming up with the best way to remove asbestos. Material of asbestos may be in good condition, unless it was disturbed, thus the need to carry out inspection.

Asbestos Removal in Los Angeles requires training certification. Our hired experts have their training qualification documents approval certified by both the federal and state governments.

Compared to general asbestos personnel, ours are specialized in handling roofing, plumbing, and flooring asbestos removal.

We use special protective equipment, especially in the removal of the material from brake pads and linings, gaskets, and clutch facings.

Hire a Specialized Asbestos Expert

Our specialized Asbestos Removal in Los Angeles expert process includes a complete visual examination and a vigilant assortment of material samples for analysis in the lab. We provide a written evaluation describing the location of dangerous levels of asbestos and the extent of damage done. Then followed by our recommendation for correction or removal of asbestos.

Why Choose Sensitive Environmental As Your Preferred Asbestos Removal Expert in Los Angeles

Our highly trained experts at Sensitive Environmental perform a complete visual process to determine the best way for asbestos removal. We also provide a report of the inspection procedure which includes the details of the amount and location of asbestos in a building. Our procedure for asbestos removal is of the highest standard approved by the state.

We first wet the collected asbestos before packing it in expressly designed plastic bags of 5mm thickness, sealed in leak-tight plastic containers. Our professionals weigh every container, noting down weight and exposure parameters before transporting them to the disposal site. There are several dumping sites for asbestos in Los Angeles—we chose one that is near your area.