The presence of asbestos is very hazardous and requires a highly trained team of professionals to safely remove it and eliminate the risk to anyone in the structure. Our environmental services in Orange County are proud to offer a top-quality asbestos removal service for the residents of Southern California. Those who choose to work with our team can be assured we take safety and professionalism seriously. 

Asbestos Removal: What is it, and What is the Process? 

Asbestos is dangerous because handling it improperly creates airborne microfibers, which can cause damage to the internal organs if inhaled. Asbestos can cause various diseases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. There are special training courses required to become certified to remove asbestos safely. Some techniques include using a HEPA filter machine to remove any dust and particles in the air during the removal process. There are particular guidelines for the removal process to ensure no one is exposed while handling asbestos. The removed materials are placed in special sealed bags after being wet and then labeled adequately for disposal. The site is inspected by authorized personnel to ensure all the material is removed correctly and completely – then disposed of properly. 

Asbestos Removal in Orange County

Anyone who needs asbestos removal in Orange County or the surrounding areas should reach out to Sensitive Environmental today. Our team of professionals is standing by to remove this dangerous substance using the correct methods with a primary focus on safety. 

Why Choose Sensitive Environmental? 

Our environmental services in Orange County take the necessary steps to remove asbestos from a structure safely. We have the training and know-how to completely remove asbestos to prevent exposure so customers can inhabit the space. We’re ready to provide customers with the expert service they need, emphasizing professionalism and transparency.