Lead paint is a type of paint that contains lead, which has been found to be harmful to health. Lead poisoning can occur by inhaling lead dust, eating food or drinking water that has been contaminated with lead, or by skin contact with lead dust. There are even certain jobs that have an increased risk of lead exposure. 

Low levels of lead are now thought to be harmful. The health effects of exposure to low levels of lead in the air have been controversial and debated for decades, but recent studies have shown that even low levels can cause serious health problems. Exposure to high levels of lead can cause death and damage brain function.

Lead abatement is the removal of lead paint from a residential or commercial property. This is an important part of building safety as it helps prevent everyone from being exposed to hazardous materials in homes and schools.



Paint inspections, risk assessments and abatement (paint removal) are some of the Lead Based Paint activities. They are designed to permanently remove lead-based paint hazards. In some cases, a state or local government may order them as a response action of a case of lead poisoning, and/or for other safety reasons. These LBP activities may also be done voluntarily at any time.

Lead risk assessments help to identify lead hazards as well as strategies for managing them. Paint inspections are done to locate lead-based paint at residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Individuals require training and certification to conduct abatement activities.

Lead abatement in Los Angeles is regulated differently than Renovations Repairs Painting (RRP).


RRP projects are normally performed voluntarily by the property owner. In most cases it’s performed for aesthetic reasons, and also for interim control measures against lead hazards. RRP is NOT intended or designed to permanently eliminate the hazards of lead-based paint (LBP). Individual renovators are required to be trained and certified in lead-safe RRP practices, due to the fact that RRP projects can disturb lead-based paint in a building.


They may seem similar, however they are not. Abatement is a specialized activity designed to address the problem of lead in the home or building. RRP activities, renovation, repair and painting, disturb paint as a consequence of the activity, however they are often performed for reasons unrelated to lead issues.


Lead abatement is an important yet costly process that often requires a lot of time and labor. Plus, it can be difficult to find a way to get lead out of the environment without harming people or animals. This is where hiring a company to perform lead abatement comes in. Lead abatement services are a way to reduce the amount of lead that is accumulating on any property. 

The most common way to remove lead paint is by sanding, scraping, and blowing off loose paint. This process can be done manually and can take up to three weeks. There are also automated methods that are faster than manual methods, but more expensive and less environmentally friendly.

The different types of lead abatement are:

  • The removal of lead-based paint on the exterior of a building using a chemical solution.
  • The removal of lead-based paint within the interior walls and ceilings using specialized equipment such as an air scrubber or water jet.
  • The encapsulation and removal of existing painted surfaces in order to prevent future exposure to children and pregnant women who may be living in or visiting the property.
  • Demolition by neglect, also known as “abatement by neglect”, happens when action is taken to remove any existing lead-based paint from a property that has been abandoned.

While lead abatement may be simple, being able to do it properly is a different story. It’s best to hire an experienced company to take care of lead abatement because it requires knowledge and skills that can’t be learned overnight.

Lead abatement companies are responsible for the safety of buildings that contain lead-based paint. These companies are able to identify potential risks on a property and provide preventative measures in order to reduce the risk of exposure for tenants or occupants. You’ll want to find the most reputable company to perform lead abatement.


Lead damages blood and soft tissue, causing many harmful effects on the body such as developmental disorders, neurological disorders, and even death. The quicker you take care of lead, the better. 

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